Written by Stewart Waddell

Making the switch to electronic payslips will undoubtedly be a cultural change for many employees. It is important that the employer is on hand to answer any queries during the transitional phase from paper payslips to electronic payslips to make things as seamless as possible.

Much has been publicised about the resistance of some employees towards this change. The impact of this is that the employer may be put off and not want to risk alienating their workforce. The employer may have looked into various different service offerings and not quite found the solution they were hoping for.

At ePayslips, we pride ourselves on recognising that each employer is different and an ‘out-the-box’ solution may not be what they are looking for. We actively work with clients to develop solutions to their various idiosyncrasies to make their ePayslips solution work for them.

Adopting this collaborative approach has enabled us to engage in a heavily customisable solution for clients and we will never stand still. We thrive on continuous improvement and our dedicated in-house developers can work with you to create the perfect ePayslips solution for you.