Written by Stewart Waddell
Published on January 18, 2021
customised online payslips

Many employees saw online payslips as a step too far a couple of years ago but online payslips are becoming more popular for employees and employers due to the ‘being green’, practicalities and potential cost savings are on offer.

But there is still some reluctance from employees to take up the online payslip over the paper version they have become so costumed to.

It appears the reason for a majority of the reluctant employees to change is because they do not feel comfortable using third-party software to view such confidential information. This is an issue that should not stop the implementation of an online payslips system; they could in fact bring about different opportunities for employers.

Customised branding is a great opportunity in this circumstance. The company brand colours and logos can be used to create a more positive and secure feel about the facility, this may allow the employee to feel happy about using the software, it may give them the confidence to accept an online payslip. With customised branding, the online payslip package could be viewed more as a company intranet than a third party solution.

The current payslips design can ensure the continuity aspect of employee confidence, which again would put the employee mind at ease, that they are viewing a familiar document which they understand.

Employers who are looking for a third-party solution for online payslips should obviously be prioritising such issues as security, practicality and cost but after these, there should be considerations of the look and feel of the facility and platforms it can be offered on.

First impressions count! We all like to think we don’t make a judgment on first impressions but if you see a half-hearted attempt at the presentation it will probably lose half of your confidence in the product. So, when looking for an online payslips facility the look and feel/ branding should be up there on your list.