Online payslips for Payroll Bureaus

A solution to complete your payroll outsourcing offer

Don’t be left behind with an inferior online payslip solution for your clients

We understand bureaus and have built our system from the ground up knowing the challenge you face including:

  • Demanding customers
  • Scope creep
  • Need for efficiency
  • GDPR compliance headaches 
epayslips for payroll bureaus
epayslips for payroll bureaus

Add a ‘best of breed’ ePayslips solution to your payroll service

With an increasingly competitive payroll outsourcing sector, ensuring the service you can offer your clients is cutting edge will give you a competitive advantage.

Online payslips are now becoming the norm, but rather than a simple digital payslip, how impressed will your clients be by the features and options available through ePayslips? Our platform covers a wide range of solutions to meet your customers' individual needs; from pure compliance to employee communications, and more complex integrations such as time and attendance or employee absence management.

epayslips comply option

At its heart is a secure and GDPR compliant electronic payslip, delivered to employees via the web or mobile apps.


Our communication module allows secure communication and the distribution of documentation to employees and can replace an intranet.


Our engage module gives reasons for further engagement through solutions including reward and recognition systems, total reward statements end enhanced employee self-service.


Our integrate module allows you to seamlessly integrate ePayslips with your existing business operations such as time capture and absence management.

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