Written by Alex on April 1, 2015

If you are an organisation that often employs one-off workers, then you may think an electronic payslip portal isn’t the right thing for your company. Why go through all the hassle of signing somebody up to an online portal for just one payslip? The answer is simple – because it’s not hassle!


The first of our two signup methods is self-signup, and all this requires is an email address! Once you’re employee has been created on the system (all done by Dataplan), you’ll just need to enter their email address in, and with the click of a button they’ll receive automatically populated signup instructions. Once they’ve completed the two minute process, they’ll be online to collect their payslip, saving you the hassle of posting paper payslips!


The other option is to pre-signup employees, which saves them going through a process at all. We’d take two pieces of information unique to that employee, and use these to create their username and password. For example, we could use their National Insurance number as their username, and their bank account number as their password. Then it’s just up to you to notify employees they’ll be able to login at https://login.epayslips.co.uk/ using these details.


The other factor to consider is costs - some electronic payslip solutions charge a cost per employee per year to use the portal. This would mean you would be paying the same cost for somebody with just one payslips as somebody with twelve! Our solution only charges per payslip uploaded to the system, so you won’t be paying over the odds for one-off or casual workers. Even better – if you use Dataplan to process your payroll, ePayslips is completely free!

Don’t be put off by thinking electronic payslips will cause you more work or costs – our solution is designed specifically around saving your company time and money!

If you wanted to speak to a member of the team to find out more information on moving over to ePayslips, just call us on 03331 123456.