Written by Alex on December 12, 2014

When thinking of electronic payslips, we tend to think of an email attachment, possibly protected with a password; usually something blatantly obvious and easy to guess, like an NI Number. At ePayslips.co.uk we identified emailed payslips as a major security risk, with identity theft and computer hacking now a constant threat. 

Our solution: A secure, online portal, with your employees having their own usernames and passwords. As well as providing a much securer means of distributing your payslips, with your entire workforce logging into a portal on a regular basis, there's potential to achieve much more. From company documents and auto enrolment communications, to timesheets and expense claims, the portal can increase efficiency across many areas of your business.

1. Employee Communications

Whether it's staff newsletters, individual messaging or notices to specific departments, ePayslips.co.uk has the capability for all of these.

Upload a company document, such as your staff handbook, to allow employees access at all times, whilst also saving fortunes on ink and paper. Documents relating to specific employees, like their employment contract, can be uploaded to just their account.

Company notices are a great way of communicating short messages across your workforce, whether it's a quick update on important health & safety, or a change of procedure. These notices create a notification on the employee's home screen, and you can audit who has read them to determine how effective they are.

Our messaging facility provides a secure, manageable facility in which staff questions can be answered. You will often receive queries immediately after payday, and this probably involves the phone ringing or a knock at your door. Instead, instruct them to message any questions over so you can reply at your convenience, and track the conversation.

2. Information Change

Most companies will handle changes with internal forms, which are printed and handed back and forth. Now, with ePayslips.co.uk, employees can complete an electronic 'SmartForm', which sends you a notification of the change so you can update your systems. Examples of employee changes you can track are:

  • Address
  • Name
  • Bank details
  • Emergency contacts
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Anything else! Just let us know what change you require and we'll build the SmartForm to do so.

3. Timesheets

If your staff force work irregular shift patterns, and you have a time & attendance software to manage this, as long this can produce a report with their payroll number on, we can upload this onto our system. A timesheet tab within the portal displays all this information and allows staff to track which shifts they worked, and correlate it to their payslip.

4. Expense Claims

Employees can claim through the portal or the phone app, and are able to select the type of expense, the monetary value, and even attach a photo of a receipt or train ticket to the claim. Once submitted, this then goes for approval.

5. Auto-enrolment communications

By 2018, all UK companies will have gone through the process of Auto-enrolment – a process that includes numerous communications, all of which could be processed through ePayslips. We would work with you to plan your communications and when they should be available, as well as providing audit logs of which employees have read the documents.

6. Payslip bank

Emailed payslips can be lost in an unorganised inbox, and may even be filtered as junk and deleted. This means employees are always requesting they are resent, in the same way they request for reprinted paper payslips if they lose them. Our system eradicates this time consumer by storing all payslips on the portal, no matter how many there are. Organised by tax year, then by pay period, it's made extremely easy for employees searching for an old payslip.

As you can see, our ePayslip portal goes far beyond just providing payslips to your employees, and can completely transform the way your business operates, cutting time and costs across all areas. If you want to discuss what you could achieve through an ePayslip portal, contact us on 03331 123456 and we'd be happy to discuss your requirements.