Written by Stewart Waddell

At ePayslips.co.uk we have seen a vast number of new clients wanting to use our service; this is in no small part due to the acceptance of the idea from employees. If you are struggling to get the 'Yes' vote from employees and key decision makers in your company, here's something to shout about.

One of the main stumbling blocks of ensuring high sign up rates to an online payslip is accessibility. 'I don't have an e-mail'... 'I don't have a computer at home'. Traditionally ePayslips has been used by either sending the payslip via e-mail (we cringe at the idea that some employees are still receiving their payslips by e-mail) or logging on to a secure portal via a computer.

Although the majority of employees will have an e-mail address, you cannot count on it. That is why we have come up with a solution to solve this stumbling block; employees can now sign up solely with a mobile number. It is as easy as the traditional sign up methods we offer. This stop the need to all you employees to have an email address and still having to hand out paper payslips to the left over employees!

It doesn't stop there either, once the employee has signed up they can continue to receive SMS messages to inform them when a payslip is ready, or download our iPhone and android app to view their payslips on their smart phones whenever they please!

This should give you case to switch to ePayslips an even better chance of being approved and being able to team of with us at ePayslips.co.uk to offer you employees an amazing service which doesn't just stop at a payslip service! The portal can become an intranet for your employees with staff handbooks, contract of employment's, auto enrolment communications delivery and even employee engagement!

For more information about any of the ePayslip services please contact us on 03331 123456.