Written by Liam Ridgill

In the face of a global pandemic, like nothing any living person has seen in their lifetime, the working world has been challenged with adjusting to a new way of operating. With many countries and businesses under restrictions workforces are adjusting to remote working, furlough and the impact of social distancing.

In this sudden rush, many companies have had to make a move towards digital; whether that be the way that they communicate with their customers or how they deliver information amongst their teams. So what does that mean for the humble paper payslip?

Does COVID-19 spell the end of paper payslips?

Naturally, with many people unable to attend their usual working premises, the delivery of paper payslips has posed a problem for many employers. Not only does it make them difficult to get printed but it also poses a challenge when it comes to delivering them. What happens if an employee is not self-isolating at their main residence, and what happens if their details are not up to date? This poses an extreme threat to GDPR.

What is the solution to this problem?

Unsure where to turn, it is alarming to hear that some companies have turned to emailing payslips to their staff during the Coronavirus crisis. Whilst this might seem like a reasonable short term solution to some, it is no doubt just as dangerous as risking paper delivery.

Not only is email extremely insecure, but with hacking on the rise during this troubling time it is no doubt a huge threat to employee’s personal data.

ePayslips are a better alternative

To ensure the secure delivery of employee’s payslips and other company documentation online payslips is a far better solution. Not only does it provide the most secure alternative to paper payslips, but it can also act as a two-way communication channel between employers and their employees which is vital during these times where many staff cannot attend their usual working premises.

In addition, ePayslips can be very cost-effective saving on the need for printing and posting. The added benefit of this is that they are far better for the environment and a strong strategy to include within your company’s carbon policy.

The benefits of ePayslips

It doesn’t stop there, there are many more benefits to switching to digital payslips.

  • Faster distribution – since payslips can be delivered instantly when your finance team releases them, there is no waiting around for them to be posted.
  • Reduced cost – no more printing and posting costs.
  • Reduced employee queries – employees can access their payslips, P60’s, P11D’s and other company documentation 24/7 with the option to download and print themselves.
  • Allow employees to make changes to their account themselves, such as address and bank details
  • Secure two-way employee communication channel
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Multiple ways for employees to access their payslips

With the benefits of ePayslips far outweighing the traditional paper method, could COVID-19 spell the end of the outdated system of paper payslip delivery?

To find out more about ePayslips and the benefits to your business and employees please contact us for a quote.