Written by kieren

At the start of our ePayslips service communications and sign up methods were dependent on an email address being available for an employee. Not anymore!

All we now need is a mobile number, this will make the service available for a large amount of non-office based employees, for example factory workers or care home assistants that may have not even possess a personal email address.

How would it work?

Employee's will be sent a SMS message to their mobile phone, this will include a link which will take them through the sign up process and ask for their NI number to validate the identification, they will then be able to set up their own Username, password and security questions.

Once the employee has completed the initial set up they will receive a text message each pay period letting them know they have payslip to view. They then simply log in and view the payslip.

Easy as that!

We also have other sign up methods as we appreciate each business likes to do things differently

For more information regarding our ePayslips solution and the options available please contact us.