Written by Liam Ridgill on May 30, 2019

A common mistake made by employers is believing a self-service system only benefits their employees. A self-service system gives employees the ability to view and edit their personal information 24/7.

But what about the HR department, the managers and all the other teams involved in the payroll process?

They benefit from the system too!

The advantages go much further than just taking the pain away from the day to day administrative tasks.

Minimise Errors

Eliminate the number of errors made when processing the payroll each month by giving the employees control over the entry of their personal data. There is no need for double entry of information and employees are given the authority to check the accuracy of their information, which will decrease the likelihood of inaccurate information being processed.

Keep Staff Up to Date

An employee self-service system gives you the option to notify your employees with company updates. An employer is able to upload company or employee documents to the system, with the option to notify employees when a new document has been uploaded.

Reduce Costs

Cost savings can be greatly impacted by the use of a self-service system. Administrative costs are instantaneously reduced by the reduction in printing company documents, payslips and P60s. The cost of staff time is also reduced as the time processing staff changes and distributing company policies is significantly decreased.

Message Securely

Employees may want to query their pay or appraisal with their manager. A passing conversation or an email is not secure enough to protect the employee’s sensitive pay data. Some self-service systems have the ability to create a secure employer messaging system.

Improve Data Security

Since the introduction of GDPR in May 2018, businesses have become more and more concerned about the security of their data. An employee self-service portal reduces the security risk of a data breach, especially by the delivery of online payslips. According to a CIPP study, in 2018, more than 95% of respondents distribute their payslips by some form of electronic method.

The ePayslips.co.uk platform can offer you and your company a secure employee self-service system which benefits your employees and you.

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