University of York case study

The University of York joined ePayslips as a client in April 2020, taking up our COMPLY module encompassing payslips, P60s and P45s. The University also implemented the document module from our COMMUNICATE feature.

Before joining ePayslips, their payslips and other payroll documentation were printed and delivered by post to home addresses; this totalled 350,000 pieces of paper over five years.

Using paper payslips and delivering them with this method presented several problems. Not only was there the environmental cost of paper, but also delivering these documents to home addresses significantly increased the carbon footprint. Additionally, they would, on occasion, get lost or not reach the intended person, for example, if their address had changed. This presented issues with efficiency and security.

For this reason, the University decided to go paperless and use ePayslips.

Sarah Parkin, Payroll Manager, Finance Shared Services, stated

“It is more secure because they have to have a username and password to log on and view their documents. It also meets accessibility requirements because a paper payslip doesn’t always work for everyone.

There were quite a few reasons why we moved to paperless, and it also provided a cost-saving for the University.”

The University as a whole has increased its focus on its environmental policies and efforts. Moving to ePayslips has helped them to eliminate a large part of their carbon footprint.

To celebrate going paperless and striving towards becoming a more environmentally friendly organisation, they even donated to a charity that planted trees on their behalf.

Written by Rachel Cooke
Published on June 8, 2021