Written by Richard Rowell

2 November saw the launch of a new multi-channel epayslip and traditional payslip delivery solution from Dataplan Payroll.

The new service, epayslips, allows any business, whether they outsource their payroll or not, to access the benefits of reduced distribution costs for traditional payslip delivery with the added advantages of an epayslip delivery system.

Alongside the epayslip service is an outsourced payslip printing and distribution service allowing a mix and match or multi-channel payslip delivery.This is ideal for those businesses who can't switch everyone to epayslips or wanting to phase in an epayslip project over a period of time.

Traditional pressure sealed payslips

Outsourced payslip printing has the advantage of reducing production costs for your business such as pressure sealers and support costs, stationery and time within your organisation.

epayslip benefits

The main benefit to delivering an epayslip solution for your payroll is an obvious one. The savings to be made in distribution and postage cost is potentially significant. But without a solution that is flexible enough to handle a mix of paper and electronic payslips your project may fall at the first hurdle.

Fortunately, epayslips will allow a mixed approach as part of a phasing in process or just recognising that epayslips isn’t right for certain sections of your workforce.

epayslip enhancements

Okay, so beyond the obvious postage and distribution cost epayslips can offer significantly more. Some of the advantages If you then add to the savings possible by using epayslips the other advantages including

  • Satisfying employee expectation
  • SMS / text message / twitter / email notifications
  • Embrace mobile economy with an iphone app
  • permanent archive of employee payslips reducing user requests
  • Delivery of eP60's and P11Ds
  • Company intranet possibilities
  • HR & intranet options
  • Company noticeboard options
  • Secure communication channel with employees

The epayslips solution offers full customisation of the portal to match your own branding and preferences