Written by Stewart Waddell

Only a few years ago, if companies were considering switching to ePayslips it was focused by environmental issues. However, now it is a lot more than ‘being green’ that is driving the trend towards electronic payslips.

Here at Dataplan we have fond an increasing demand for our ePayslip solution and here are 5 reasons driving this demand -

1. Distribution - one of the problems with paper payslips are the hours spent posting or handing out employee payslips, and then having to keep them in a secure place as someone is on holiday. With ePayslips you can now set a time when payslips will be available and let the ePayslips system look after the delivery. Employees will be notified by e-mail and even by a text message or Twitter!

2. Availability & Access – as an online service ePayslips are not governed by office hours or the availability of payroll staff, they are accessible 24 hours/ 7 days a week. For our clients it costs down on the time they have to spend dealing with employee requests for lost payslip’s 2 years later for a mortgage application. For employees it gives them peace of mind that they can access their payslips anytime they need. Our ePayslips are archived on the secure website and are available to print whenever the employee desires.

3. Security - although being passed your hard copy payslip personally by a manager is secure because they know you; ePayslips takes it one step further. Whilst keeping the process of accessing the payslip seamless, security is ‘top-notch’, each employee has their own log in. They manage their user name, passwords and security questions themselves. There is even the opportunity for secure communication between the employer and employee, eliminating the need to send sensitive information on e-mails or paper forms.

4. More than just a payslip – a paper payslip is just a payslip. Our ePayslip solution provides many additional features, the humble paper payslips simply cannot:

  • Access to P11D and P60’s
  • Employees are notified by email, SMS message or even Twitter direct message when a new payslip is available
  • Secure communication between employer and employee
  • Additional information and documentation regarding tax codes or company documentation such as holiday forms or staff handbooks
  • Employees have their own 50Mb document storage space where they can upload useful documents to access at any time
  • ePayslip iPhone app (view in iTunes)
  • Employees have access to all their payslips – so no need to be rummaging around to find old payslip information

5. Cost Savings – having said it is about more than cost, let’s not forget that ePayslips do provide many costs savings compared to paper payslips. It will reduce costs of postage and someone’s time handing out payslips individually. It will also eliminate requests for duplicate payslips, saving time and copy payslip costs!

If you are interested in not only lowering your companies carbon footprint but also reaping the benefits of using electronic payslips then get in touch with us on 03331 123456