Written by Richard Rowell

What exactly is an ePayslip(or e-Payslips as some would prefer) are the next evolution of the humble payslip that has been with us for an eternity.

To most employees and employers ePayslips is a self-service portal where employers upload pay information. Employees log in to that portal and can view not only their current but historic ePayslips.

It is employee and employers response to the increasing trend to transact business and communicate online

In recent years with the increase in internet usage, improvements in bandwidth and the widespread use of secure online banking the ePayslip market is now maturing.

What is relatively new is the number of employers large and small who want to offer ePayslips without changing payroll systems or even outsourcing their payroll.

At epayslips we are one of a limited number of suppliers in the UK who can provide you with a fully bespoke ePayslip portal that is platform independent, we don't mind what payroll software you use.

Beyond that we take innovation seriously and build on the humble ePayslip to provide an excellent means of secure two way communication with employees, company intranet functionality and employee self-service facilities.

Whether you need a simple ePayslip option for 5 employees or a fully customised multichannel distribution of paper payslips and ePayslips for 10,000 across the UK we have a solution for you.