Written by Richard Rowell

With workplace pensions and Auto Enrolment already up on us businesses are now turning their attention to the practical side of administering the pension.

Even for those companies with a small number of employees with no expectation that there will be much of their workforce who actually stay in the workplace pension the paperwork, administration and red tape remains.

For instance when you are at staging date you will need to communicate with employees about their status (entitled worker, Non-eligible job holder or eligible jobholder) and what that means for them. The same applies if they change status. You may choose to have a postponement period in which case you will need to contact them again. You need to notify them about their right and how to opt-in or opt-out.

Overall that is a lot of communication with employees with a blitz at your staging date and a steady stream after that.

So what better way is there than to use an ePayslips or employee self service solution to deliver that message to employees. In addition to the obvious savings in printing and postage costs an epayslips service like epayslips.co.uk has a number of other benefits including:

  • Speed of delivery - contact all or a group of your employees instantly
  • Tracking - a record on not only when information is sent to employees but when they had read it
  • Pension Information - you can delivery not only specific correspondence but general information on pensions
  • Opt-ins and opt-outs - If you obtain pension administrator approval you can deliver opt out and opt in solutions electronically
  • Improved communications - employees can securely and confidentially contact you by the secure website

epayslips is a secure online solution for delivering payslips, whether electronically or traditional print and post methods, to your employees. The service is available to employers independently of the payroll process so it works both with businesses if you process payroll in house or are already outsourced.

If you would like to find out about delivering epayslips to your employees and the potential benefits on workplace pensions and auto enrolment, please get in touch with our epayslips experts