What options do I have with epayslips.co.uk?

Whatever you need, we are committed to delivering. Different organisations have different requirements and challenges and we work with our clients to provide a tailored ePayslip service, rather than selling a 'one-size-fits-all' solution.

I am happy processing payroll internally but would like to offer ePayslips

If you want to retain the processing of your payroll in house we can provide a standalone ePayslip service. Our system has been designed to be platform independent and web based so there is no software to install and it works whatever your existing payroll software.

I am already outsourcing my payroll but would like to add on ePayslips

If you are already outsourcing your payroll to a payroll provider and are happy with that relationship, we can still provide ePayslips. All we need is a standard output from the payroll system containing the data we need for each employee.

I want to offer both ePayslip and paper payslips

If for whatever reason you cannot implement ePayslips across all employees or you choose to phase in ePayslips through an opt-in process or business segment at a time you will need a multiple channel delivery solution.

In addition to ePayslips we offer a payslip print and delivery solution. Using the same data you send for ePayslips we can print whole or partial pressure sealed payslip run for delivery to your head office, site or employee home address.

If you want to retain the print run in house we can split that role with you too.

I am looking to outsource my payroll as well as offering ePayslips

As part of Dataplan Payroll Ltd, we handle payrolls of all types and sizes across the UK and ePayslips is an integral option of this service.

Look at our FAQ section for more answers to common questions about the options and specifics of the ePayslip.co.uk service

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