As long as the information can be matched to an employee, typically by the employee number, and is available electronically it can be passed through the portal to the employee and trigger notifications.

If the information isn't available in this form we can also give you the facility to manually upload information to employees.

Typically employers provide

  • Payslips
  • Ep60's
  • P11D's
  • Employee communications
  • Employee Intranet 
  • Terms and conditions of employment
  • Pension documents
  • Reward statements

Just consider the cost savings in terms of printing, postage and staff time of being able to distribute and securely store these types of documentation and information in a way that every employee can access at any time, securely.

Customising your ePayslips portal

Corporate branding, user acceptance and phishing concerns or often cited as reasons why employers want a custom ePayslips portal to look and feel like their own branding.

We just think it makes sense and encourage our customers to go for the bespoke version of the portal so its employees feel like it is still part of the business giving that reassuring feel and help achieve maximum acceptance and adoption by staff

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