There may be instances where it is not possible to implement online payslips across all your employees. Some may not have internet access or just a preference to staying with the paper payslips they are used to.

It may be that you wish to phase in ePayslips across the business, maybe a department at a time, or to one particular payroll or part of the business.

In these instances we can provide a multi-channel payslip delivery solution, so in addition to ePayslips we also provide whole or partial pressure sealed printed payslips to those who have opted out of the ePayslip scheme. We can deliver these paper payslips to your Head Office, site or even employee home address.

One thing we do find helps in engaging employees and getting then to opt-in to the ePayslip scheme is the use of our custom ePayslip service.

This customises the design of the ePayslip portal and ePayslips to a design that fits with your company logo, branding and colour scheme so the ePayslip experience feels like it is coming from the employee's employer and not a third party business. Find out more about custom ePayslip options.

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