• What if I only want to send ePayslips to some of my employees?

    Just send us the details of the employees you do want to send ePayslips too and we will automatically process only those for you.

  • Do you need to process our payroll?

    No. Our portal is independent of any payroll software. All we need is a standard output from your payroll system containing the data we need for each employee. Our projects team help you through this process and we already have templates for a number of standard payroll systems.

  • We don't want to change our payroll system can we use your solution?

    Of course, our solution is platform independent. It doesn't matter what payroll software you use so long as you can send us an output of your payroll data.

  • How do we send you information?

    Data is uploaded to our secure employee management portal. We don't encourage emails!

  • If we change payroll systems will ePayslips still work?

    Absolutely, we simply update our pay data mapping files with you.

  • We use Sage payroll is that a problem?

    Not at all. We have developed standard mapping software for Sage converting your payroll output into our ePayslip formats.

  • What if a user forgets their password?

    In our systems users are required to setup their own security so employees can initiatie their own password resets minimising any involvement from the employer.

  • Will we be bombarded with employee queries?

    If you are then something is wrong. Our systems are designed so that the employees are self sufficient, can manage their own security and lost information resets.

  • Can we brand the ePayslips portal?

    Yes and we recommend that you do. Branding the portal to look and feel like your business is a great way to overcome employee concerns and encourage adoption by staff as they feel confident that this is an internal system from their employer.

  • What happens with leavers?

    That is up to you. By default an employees' account remains open indefinitely. This can be manually overridden or we can agree rules with you where employees accounts are closed so many days after a leave date is received.

  • Is employee leaver data lost?

    No. For leavers employee access is simply restricted. Information is not deleted or removed and remains accessible to you as employer.

  • How do I get employees to sign up?

    There are various versions of signup configured to your needs and tend to depend mainly on location, workplace internet access and adoption of corporate email addresses.

    Signup processes are usually a mixture of written communication, SMS or email, ensuring security is maintained throughout.

  • How do employees know when a payslip is available?

    There are various solutions for letting employees know when a payslip is available, all of which are configurable by the employee. Typically employees receive an email to either their corporate email address or a personal email address.

    If chosen as part of the package by the employer they can be sent an SMS using Premium Routing Channels for additional peace of mind.

  • Do employees need a corporate email address?

    No, but they will need an email address to handle any password resets etc. Most employers also prefer to send their signup instructions by email to speed up the process.

  • Will ePayslips save my business money?

    That depends on how you are processing payslips at the moment and the options you choose. A like for like replacement of paper payslips for electronic ones will be a very similar cost, savings on paper payslip printing offset by additional bandwidth, security and development costs for the portal.

    If you add in SMS messaging to employees this attracts a further small charge.

    For employers who send payslips to employees the savings could be significant as the postage costs are eliminated.

    For employers who fully exploit the opportunities of the ePayslip portal in communicating with employees the savings are significant.

  • What can the portal do beyond ePayslips?

    Our portal is available and accessible to all employees offer a fantastic means to communicate with employees.

    Examples of the solutions we can provide are secure two way communication with employees 24/7, sending broadcast messages to all employees, a repository for company documentation, individual employee document store, right through to a full blown employee self-service solution.

  • Why not send pdf payslips?

    We took the decision many years ago not to email ePayslips like some systems presently do. There are a number of reasons why not but the main one is security and password management. Each pdf would need a password and employees' ability to maintain security over those passwords and change them is limited.

    In addition there are lots of other benefits to producing ePayslips online.

  • Can I access my ePayslip on a smartphone?

    Yes, any phone with internet access can connect to the ePayslip portal. In addition we have Android and iOS apps.

  • What will my ePayslip look like?

    We have a number of standard templates or you can have the ePayslip you see online configured to match your existing paper payslips.

  • Can I send messages on the ePayslip?

    Some employers send employees messages on their ePayslip. We can replicate that online too using our 'Announcements' feature.

  • How secure are employee logins?

    Getting the balance between security and usability is a constant battle in the security industry. Our stance is very similar to banks in that we ensure the security is appropriate and then make that process as user friendly as possible.

  • What if I need to print or send an ePayslip to someone?

    Your ePayslip is actually a pdf file held on our secure portal. If you want to print it you can do as you would any other document.

    If you want to send your payslip we've added in some extra features allowing you to email the ePayslip wherever you want, such as your bank manager to support a mortgage application. You can also add a message and password if emailing a payslip from the system.

  • What data formats for payroll data do you accept?

    We accept ALL formats of data. Standard formats such as CSV, XML, TXT are great, but we can also access data from pdf’s payslips.

    And, if you have anything even more complex, with our in-house technical team, we can create secure file transfer access to accept your payroll data direct from systems such as SAP, or any other system you work with. Our ePayslips API ensures all systems talk to each other, so no matter what data format you throw at us, we can handle it!

  • I am already outsourcing my payroll, can I still use ePayslips.co.uk?

    If you are already outsourcing your payroll to a payroll provider and are happy with that relationship, we can still provide ePayslips. All we need is a standard output from the payroll system containing the data we need for each employee.

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