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Employee Engagement

If you look employee engagement up on the internet you will probably find a definition saying something along the lines of "Employee engagement is a workplace approach designed to ensure that employees are committed to their organisation's goals and values, motivated to contribute to organisational success, and are able at the same time to enhance their own sense of well-being"

Employee engagement is generally one of those phrases that you hear when talking about larger businesses. But employee engagement affects all businesses. It is about committment, motivation and well being. Which employer wouldn't want to maximise that.

Applying it to smaller businesses

At ePayslips our mission is to provide a suite of great tools to small and medium sized businesses. Providing facilities for those businesses that are typically only found at an enterprise level. Providing simple solutions that every business can benefit from even when there is a small demand. And above all developing practical solutions.

So how can ePayslips help?

Our employee engagement tool uses the fact that employees already have their own portal for logging in and viewing ePayslips and other information you may have passed them. With this functionality it is straightforward to drop in a feedback section for employees, we call it Buzz.

What Buzz does is allow you on a regular basis to pose questions and gain feedback very quickly. The questions can either be measurable or require free text responses.

Typically each month an employee would receive one or two questions, either your own or from our bank of top questions. We suggest that one of the questions is "How happy are you at work?" Capturing this each month lets you get a feel for the underlying trend, culture, engagement of the business in a flash.

The results can be measured, monitored and tracked on our management interface.

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What's Next?

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