So how can I use it?

Firstly there is all the payroll related data that the employee can access at any time - past payslips, P60’s, P11D’s, pension information. This is great for the employee but also cuts down on the number of queries and request for information from employees as they are now available to access this at any time.

Documents facility

Our ePayslip portal also has a documents facility which allows you to upload key documents (unrelated to payroll) to the system and make available to employees. These could memos, Health & Safety documentation, Holiday forms, Staff Handbooks. When new or updated documents are uploaded the ePayslip portal will inform employees that there is something new for them to access.

Auto Enrolment communications

One of the increasingly popular uses for the system is our Auto Enrolment communications. Using the ePayslip portal we can take on Auto Enrolment communications with your employees such as postponement or enrolment for the first time.

What's Next?

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