ePayslip portal and smartphone apps can now be customised to match your business branding

Changing to ePayslips is potentially a big change for employees, full of benefits, but a change nonetheless. And a change that causes reluctance and resistance from employers and employees respectively.

However, many employers have already successfully adopted ePayslips. At ePayslips.co.uk we have found one of the main success strategies for a successful implementation is to keep the look and feel of your solution familiar to employees.

Despite the acceptance of employees of online services in other areas such as online and mobile banking / insurance etc. there still seems reluctance when ePayslips are provided by a 3rd party.

So we’ve looked at this problem and our solution is to provide a fully customised ePayslip service as part of our ePayslip package.

Your branding can now be used across both the employee ePayslip portal and on the ePayslips apps they have access to on their smartphone. So when your employees access their electronic payslips the colour scheme and logo is yours and not a third party.

  • Improve employee engagement and take-up
  • Android and iOS apps make ePayslips available to mobile and tablet devices
  • No additional work for you


customised epayslips


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