How easy is it for employees to use?

If it isn't simple your employees will simply switch off. Any time a user spends having to think about what to do next is another reason why employees don't fully adopt new systems. We spend the majority of our development time refining and honing usability and offer all users the ability to feedback suggestions on how we can improve their experience.

Will employees accept the change?

Unsurprisingly employees don't always welcome change. This is the reason why we cherry pick the good added value features and capability brought with an ePayslips implementation and underpin that with familiarity.

That familiarity extends to bespoke branded ePayslips portals for our customers including logos, colour schemes etc. together with ePayslips designed to replicate their paper based counterpart.

How accessible is it for employees to access their payslip information?

The modern workforce is changing its habits. As the internet matures we become familiar and comfortable with it as we have seen with the drive toward online banking. However, one of the most interesting features for employers is the increasing use of mobile platforms and smartphones as communications tools.

Whether it is using social media such as Twitter or simply communicating directly with employees via their smartphones the world is changing. Our ePayslips platform can deliver.

In addition to new payslip and other message notification by email, we can send a text message using Premium Routing Groups or a direct message on Twitter. You can even view your ePayslip on our dedicated smartphone apps and receive push messages.

What else can they deliver beyond payslips?

By its very nature, the development of an ePayslip facility involves all employees authenticating themselves as valid and creating a security model to ensure that they, and only they, can access their personal data.

Once completed this process allows an employer unprecedented and secure access to their employees. This opens up all sorts of possibilities for one way and two way communications with employees in addition to developing other added value services and benefits for your employees.

Once you have a secure platform to interact with your employees then ePayslips is only the start of the possibilities. If you have the data we can present it to your employees through your bespoke portal. Possible other uses include pension statements, total reward statements, holiday entitlement balances etc.

Our ePayslips solution can offer you just that kind of additional functionality should you choose it. You can create an employee intranet, add in self-service functionality or just enable secure two way communication with your payroll department. If you have any other ideas we would like to work with you on that too.

What cost savings and efficiencies will it bring?

There are obvious savings to be made in terms of cost of paper, printing, postage and staff time. Costs savings will depend on how you are currently processing payslips at the moment and the options you choose.

If you have already decided that you need to offer ePayslip solutions for your employees, you also need to consider how far reaching the efficiency savings may be from an online solution? Used to its fullest extent your employees can communicate with your team 24/7 and you can respond safely in the knowledge that enquiries are coming from your valid employees. No more traipsing to the payroll office with a query and improve the service delivered by your internal teams.

Also, how much could you either improve employee communication or save on your existing processes by delivering payslips electronically? What are the benefits to being able to see that your message is read?

What are the green credentials?

In addition to the obvious cost savings switching to an online solution helps your organisation to reduce its carbon footprint. Indeed with our plant a tree scheme the ePayslips service is effectively carbon neutral.

How can you manage employee engagement?

Our portal technology also allows you, as employers, to see at a glance key information about your ePayslips service. You can see key information such as who hasn't yet activated their account, when was the last time an employee logged in and when an employee looked at a message that you may have sent them.

How secure is it?

Security is paramount in the successful delivery of any ePayslip process and our payslip portal uses 512bit encryption and PCI DSS standards which are the standards used by the credit card industry. We also regularly undertake penetration testing and review by UK leading security experts.

Can they offer multichannel distribution?

Despite the benefits of ePayslips, it isn't something that you want to force on all employees. So if all else fails and your employees don't, won't or can't accept ePayslips then we offer a multi-channel approach and can continue to provide you with pressure sealed payslips for all or a group of employees delivered either to their home addresses or to you for distribution.

What's Next?

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