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With workplace pensions and Auto Enrolment already up on us businesses are now turning their attention to the practical side of administering the pension.

Even for those companies with a small number of employees with no expectation that there will be much of their workforce who actually stay in the workplace pension the paperwork, administration and red tape remains.

What exactly is an ePayslip(or e-Payslips as some would prefer) are the next evolution of the humble payslip that has been with us for an eternity.

To most employees and employers ePayslips is a self-service portal where employers upload pay information. Employees log in to that portal and can view not only their current but historic ePayslips.

2 November saw the launch of a new multi-channel epayslip and traditional payslip delivery solution from Dataplan Payroll.

The new service, epayslips, allows any business, whether they outsource their payroll or not, to access the benefits of reduced distribution costs for traditional payslip delivery with the added advantages of an epayslip delivery system.

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