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So you want to deliver epayslips to your organisation but the may be a few obstacles.

Some employees may not want to switch to epayslips. You may want to phase in epayslips over a period of time or it may be that you want to have different solutions for different groups of employees across the business.

This is where a multi-channel payslip services can help. Put simply, multi-channel describes a service that can deliver payslips to your employees irrespective of the preferred method of delivery. Delivering ePayslips or printed and sealed payslips or a mixture of the two.

At epayslips we have the technology to take your payroll data and produce payslips to meet your needs.

Richard Rowell
Thursday, 28 February 2013 Written by

Auto Enrolment is now beginning to bite and many employers are finding the cost and administration of the new workplace pension regime costly and time consuming.

ePayslips and employee self service solutions are an ideal way to help with employee communication. If you already have a secure means to send pay information to your employees why not leverage that to distribute important information about your workplace pension.

Whether it is about your staging date, postponement or the fact that your employees are enrolled an epayslip solution is the ideal mechanism to deliver these messages by web, email or smartphone at a low cost, quickly and with traceability.

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Richard Rowell
Friday, 07 December 2012 Written by

A recent spate of email phishing attacks claiming to attach your payslip are easy to spot. After all most people will know who there employer is. However, it does highlight quite a significant issue surrounding the use of ePayslips and employee confidence.

In this internet age users are used to maintaining their own security on various websites including the banks. That acceptance and adoption comes on the back of confidence in the provider ad the service.