There are many benefits of delivering payslips online for you as an employer and for your employees.

Benefits for the employer

Reduced Cost

It stands to reason that by not printing a paper item that may have had to be posted, savings can be made. When you factor in that specialist payslip printing and sealing machines no longer have to be purchased and maintained, the costs savings start to add up.

Faster Distribution

ePayslip distribution is instant. So no delays with postage or other distribution methods and through our mobile phone apps, your employees will be notified and can access their ePayslip as soon as it is issued. We can even control the time and date when you issue your ePayslips, this could be on a set date or on pay date, you can choose.

Reduce queries

How much time do you deal with employees requesting copy payslips, P60's and P11D's? ePayslips allows employees to access their payslips and payroll information any time they want without having to bother you. 

Employee communication channel

Many of our clients are actually using the ePayslip systems like a secure intranet that can be accessed via the web. The system allows you to send out communications to your staff and even deliver key documents, not just around payroll, but other important forms and documents such as holiday forms, Staff Handbooks and quality manuals. If you have staff who are not all office based and therefore wouldn't have access to an intranet, ePayslips can provide this service-service functionality.

Environmentally friendly

By not producing paper and including postage services, you are lowering your carbon footprint and that can't be a bad thing.

High take up of ePayslips

You have gone to all the effort to provide online payslips, now you need to ensure you get as many employees using the system as possible. We provide a number of different strategies to help this from customising the system with your branding so it doesn't look like a third party solution, through to our apps and multiple ways employees can sign up including email and SMS. 

Benefits for the employee

In order for your employees to positively take up ePayslips as an alternative to their paper payslips there needs to be something in it for them. It is not often thought about but there are considerable benefits for the employee both is terms of convenience and the depth of information they have access to through ePayslips.

Instant access to their payslip information

We've all done it, tried to find copies of past payslips and then realised we had some missing. Before ePayslips this would mean a call to the payroll department and request for copies. With ePayslips the employee has access to the full history of their payslips to view and print out whenever they want. And if they want to send a payslip to their bank, for example, we even have secure send facility they can use.

Multiple ways to access ePayslips

We haven't assumed that everyone has access to a PC and the internet, that's why we invested in getting apps developed so employees can access on their PC but also their tablet or smartphone. 

This not only gives choice, but also extends the take up of ePayslips across your whole workforce.

Faster delivery

Employees no longer have to wait to receive their payslip in the post, through internal mail or be handed out. As soon as the payslip is available, they are notified by email or SMS that they have a new payslip to view.

Access to more than just payslip information

It isn't just payslips that your employees will be able to access via ePayslips. You can also send year end P60's and P11D's, use the system to communicate Auto Enrolment information and store company documentations such as holiday forms, staff handbooks, memos and quality manuals.

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What's Next?

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