The Process

What’s the process?

We often get asked about the process involved in setting up ePayslips. As with anything payroll related, the worry can be that with such a ‘time critical’ process systems need to be slick and accurate.

Depending on your ePayslip requirements and the complexity of your payrolls, we will work with you to set a timeframe. For some clients we have set up ePayslips in a few days, others may want a slower implementation over a matter of weeks.

Here is a typical ePayslip process


epayslip process diagram

What data formats can we handle?

This is a question we get asked many times by our clients and the simple answer is, ANY.

Standard formats such as CSV, XML, TXT are great, but we can also access data from pdf’s payslips.

And, if you have anything even more complex, with our in-house technical team, we can create secure file transfer access to accept your payroll data direct from systems such as SAP, or any other system you work with. Our ePayslips API ensures all systems talk to each other, so no matter what data format you throw at us, we can handle it!

What's Next?

If you are interested in finding out more information about ePayslips for your business, get in touch and receive a quote!

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