Data Security

How secure will my data be?

As with all our payroll services, our ePayslips portal uses secure SSL servers, with encryption levels tested to PCI DSS standards as used by the credit card industry.

Where is the data kept?

All data is kept in the UK within a secure facility within our own offices and the service is delivered through leased line connectivity.

Operating on a Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) the security configuration incorporates enterprise level firewalls with the addition of intrusive prevention systems (IPS) and intrusion detection systems (IDS).Physical segregated of web (apache) and data servers (MYSQL) together with additional software layer provides additional levels of security

We also regularly undertake penetration testing and review by UK leading security experts.

Business Continuity

In the world of payroll, business continuity means near seamless and instant fall-over to ensure continuity of service. In addition to bandwidth delivered through multiple telecoms providers and multiple UPS, business continuity is ensured through the use of our disaster recovery site. In addition to multiple levels of backup we operate a real time replication to our second site. With continual redirects we can seamlessly redeploy client connections to separate physical location with minimal downtime.

Employee Access

We use multiple ways of getting employees set up onto ePayslips to ensure good take up, but also high levels of security.

Our preferred method is the sending of both email and SMS message, each containing a unique code with the employee required to logon and enter both codes to validate their identity and set up the ePayslip service. The employee then sets up their own preferred username, password and security question.

We can also provide other systems for employee sign up including email only and SMS only and we will work with you on the most appropriate method for your employees.

Of course, we can't be responsible for employees losing their security login details but we do help them create and maintain a secure process similar to that used by the banking industry.

What's Next?

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