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ePayslips are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a convenient, secure and cost effective way of delivering payslips online. And with increasing paper and postage costs, for employers with employees across many sites and locations, swapping from paper payslips to electronic payslips has many benefits.

Although online payslips have been around for a number of years, with the increase in internet usage, bandwidth, internet enabled mobile devices and the widespread use of secure online banking, the online payslip market is maturing.

With this maturity of the market comes the increase in requests from employers who want to offer payslips online without changing payroll systems or outsourcing their payroll.

ePayslip innovation

ePayslips.co.uk is one of a limited number of suppliers in the UK who can provide organisations with a fully bespoke self-service payslip portal that is web based and platform independent. No software to install, no changes to payroll systems - it works with all payroll software, simple as that.

As division of Dataplan Payroll, one of the UK's leading payroll providers, ePayslips.co.uk has been developed in response to increasing requests from all sizes of business for a standalone ePayslip service. And, because we take innovation seriously, we have used the opportunity whilst developing ePayslips.co.uk to evolve the humble payslip and develop the portal into a secure two-way communication tool with employees, company intranet functionality and employee self-service facilities.

Our innovation has seen us –

  • Introduce the first iPhone ePayslip app to the UK
  • Add the ability for employees to password protect and email payslips from our system
  • Accredit our portal to PCI DSS standards
  • Introduce secure two-way messaging between employer and employee

And there are lots more on our 'things to do' list.

Call us to discuss how you could offer ePayslips to your employees on 03331 122700 or request a quotation.

What's Next?

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