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Looking to ditch paper payslips, but worried about resistance from staff? Whether it’s reducing your carbon footprint, cutting costs and time, or simply dragging your company into the 21st century, there are plenty of benefits to switching to an electronic payslip solution. All of these gains could be undermined though if employee uptake is low due to a robotic, un-engaging launch. Read on for some pointers on persuading your employees to embrace ePayslips, and how best to manage the switch.

If you are an organisation that often employs one-off workers, then you may think an electronic payslip portal isn’t the right thing for your company. Why go through all the hassle of signing somebody up to an online portal for just one payslip? The answer is simple – because it’s not hassle!

Not a problem, since launching our electronic payslip solution it has come a long way.

Originally developed to work alongside the payroll software that we use, its success got us thinking, perhaps we could help companies who use different software packages or their payrolls are processed by a different provider.

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